If you can find a path without obstacles, it will certainly lead nowhere.

My name is Arshavir Grigoryan. I was born in a small village in the region of Djrashen in the Ararat district of Armenia.
I lived there with my parents and my younger brother. My parents are normal sized people (1m80 – 6 feet), but I very quickly started to stand out from the rest of my friends.
At 9 years old I was already 1m85 and later my growth-spurt started accelerating. I currently measure 2m32 and still continue to grow at the rate of one centimeter every year.
After earning my finance degree in high school in Yerevan and playing in the Armenian Junior National Basketball team, I held several positions at the occasional small jobs.
My size quickly caught the eye of people in the entertainement industry.
I have participated in short and feature films in my country of origin such as “Killing in 15 minutes,” “The army,” “The dream of the white lamb”, “Alabalaniza” … as well as videos clips with Navek Baveyan Dzuk – “Fish”, or Hayk Durgayan Harz Chka – “no question”.
At the moment, my wish is to continue this trend and to present myself to the public in new productions.
My future is in cinema.

What are they saying about me ?

He is one of the most sympathetic person I know. He is always up for anything and always with a smile. “

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